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About Jaacoo

Everybody can teach. Everybody wants to learn. Jaacoo brings them together.
Jaacoo is a platform enabling people to create friendships and social connections through learning. It empowers people to take control of their own education, build lasting relationships and monetize their own potential to teach or simply share their knowledge for free. Jaacoo's marketplace allows people to create and join group and one to one courses, both online and in person. Jaacoo seeks to create a global community, fuelled by learning and shared knowledge.
Jaacoo is for anyone who wants to teach or learn something new; for anyone who wants share their passion for a subject or discover a new one; for anyone who wants to connect to others through knowledge and education. It is for any teacher or tutor who wants to earn additional income, for tourists who want to meet locals and improve their language skills at the same time or for those who are lonely but have knowledge they want to share.
Any opportunity is a term used for any post created by a user on Jaacoo to advertise what they can teach others.
We require our users to be at least 18 years old.
Jaacoo is accessible to anyone regardless of their nationality or income. We want to build a community of inspiring people who will share their knowledge and skills with everyone. The easy access and onboarding process gives people across the world the chance to take control of their education. Jaacoo is the first marketplace where students and teachers can teach and learn anything they want while connecting to fellow students and teachers. We want to empower people to meet both online and in person, make friends and get involved in a living community.
Yes. We have no bots or automated systems. Jaacoo is a community of human beings who want to share knowledge and learn together.
In the words of our founder, Niko von Glasow:
Many years ago I was born somewhere in Germany. No doubt I was very lucky with my parents. They taught me kindness and showed me the wonders of this world. On my journey I met many wonderful teachers: sometimes they were real teachers in real schools but mostly they were just people who crossed my way. With normal universities I was not so lucky. I tried many film schools but none of them accepted me. Really I just don’t fit into the traditional educational system, but I’m not the only one and I didn’t give up. For many years I learnt with the most amazing film directors. After 10 years of learning by doing I finally made my own movies. I realised that I really enjoy teaching so I opened the Tibetan Film School and the University in the Park in Saigon. Both of these schools are for free, everybody is welcome and everybody can teach.
Niko von Glasow, Founder and CEO: One day in the jungle of North Vietnam I was invited to the house of a very intelligent gentleman in a wheelchair. He asked me if I could teach him English. I said sorry but I can’t because I’m not a very good English teacher and I have to leave tomorrow back to Europe. However, that night I had an idea. I called a friend in Oxford and asked him if he would like to teach a guy in a wheelchair. He was absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to teach my new friend. So he started to teach him English and my friend taught my friend in Oxford compassion and Vietnamese cooking.
That was the beginning of Jaacoo. I wanted to democratise education and create a platform where anyone can connect through learning.
We believe that everyone should have access to education, regardless of their age or income. We do not charge our users anything for the access to our platform. However, users themselves may decide that they would like charge their students - we allow this, as we are aware that for some people this might be an important source of income to improve their living conditions.
Our plan is to translate the application to over 40 languages in the future. Work is still in progress and we will announce new language options as they appear. Currently the website is available also in Chinese, Vietnamese, German, Italian and Spanish. Bear in mind we can only assure language version for the website itself - our users will create their content in any language they find convenient.


Anything, from different languages, through cooking to software development or dancing. Our course offer is limited only by the creativity of our users. However, cases of illegal activities and inappropriate content will be removed, reported and directed to the authorities.
Teaching can take many forms on Jaacoo. We encourage people to both teach online and meet in person by creating opportunities for their potential students to join.


Using the platform is free. You can browse all the available opportunities and participate in any of them. However, some teachers may require payment from their students.
It depends on your teacher. They decide whether they want to collect a fee or not. However, we believe that education should be accessible to anyone in the world regardless of their financial situation, so we encourage our members to set reasonable rates and let those who cannot afford private lessons to develop their skills.
No, at this stage all payments are conducted outside of Jaacoo’s supervision. Students pay their teachers directly for the courses.
All payments take place outside of Jaacoo. Teachers and students make arrangements between themselves.
Money changes hands between students and teachers, so we cannot offer refunds but we encourage all attempts of fraud to be reported to us.


We go the extra mile to provide safety to our members and build the most trusted community possible. We take any improper behaviour on our website seriously and so should you. We advise you to read opportunity descriptions and teacher profiles carefully before joining courses. If another member, a course or a situation seems unsafe, don’t take risks. Talk openly to other students and to teachers when you feel uncomfortable about something. If that doesn’t help, you can easily block the teacher or student, and/or report them.
You can report negative experiences or safety concerns here. Other users will not have access to information on who you report. We take such incidents seriously and investigate them thoroughly. Each reported account will be suspended until the issue is resolved.
We don’t verify them directly. We believe that anybody can be a teacher and do good, so we don’t want to introduce restrictions that would discourage people from joining the community or make it impossible to join, particularly for those living in certain economic or political conditions. Users can report inappropriate behaviour and any form of abuse. We won’t tolerate any activities that would hurt someone’s rights.
If you encounter any inappropriate behaviour you should report the offending user as soon as possible. We’ll suspend their account and investigate the case. We take such issues very seriously.


No, viewing opportunities is available to visitors to the site.
Yes, if you want to contact teachers or other members, chat with other users, join groups or sign up for courses, you need to register on the platform.
You can learn anything you want on Jaacoo, as long as someone has offered to teach it. Our teachers have expertise in many different fields.
Yes, we have a rating system that helps us verify the quality offered by the teachers. Users can also write references for the teachers they like. You can give teachers stars and leave feedback to help both the teachers and other students.
We’ve got a rating system that enables students to give star ratings to the teachers. The system helps us verify the quality of the courses. We think it’s extremely important for teachers as well to receive honest feedback from students. However, if you encounter inappropriate behaviour, you can report a teacher and we’ll investigate the case. The same applies to teachers who feel they have been rated unfairly.
It depends on the course. Some teachers on Jaacoo are certified and experienced specialists who can hand out certificates to students, however, Jaacoo does not.
We have a rating system that helps us verify the quality offered by the teachers. You can give teachers stars and leave feedback to help them improve. We believe everyone has the ability to teach and share knowledge so we do not verify qualifications of teachers.
You can browse the opportunities near you using our search engine to find opportunities that are available offline and take part in them.


You need to register first. Then you should create an opportunity and provide all the details about the course:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Picture
  • Location
  • Group rules
  • Prerequisites
  • Price
Remember to also fill up your profile with as much information as possible. By sharing more about yourself you increase the credibility of your profile and your courses.
Anyone can teach. If you’ve got skills you want to share, you can start an opportunity and give lessons to people around the world.
Yes. Teachers can specify whether their class will be free or require a fee.
We have no system to control payments and the transactions (yet) - as such, all transactions are carried out outside Jaacoo and all details need to be discussed between the teacher and their students.